Porters Community Fire Company

The first picture is a 1927 Stutz pumper. This was the first piece aquired when starting the Porters Community Fire Company. The second picture is the 1952 GMC pumper. This was the first new piece purchased and replaced the 1927 Stutz pumper.
The first picture is when we moved to the new hall. The apparatus shown are the 1952 GMC pumper, 1962 GMC tanker, 1972 Chevy Step Van (used as a service unit), 1971 Chevy tanker, and a 1976 Mack pumper. The second picture is the apparatus at our old station. A 1951 Chevy panel truck (used as a service unit), a 1946 Ford tanker, a 1952 GMC pumper, and a 1962 GMC tanker.
This is a 1975 Dodge/Hamerly attack truck. This was purchased by the Ladies Aux. from the Grangeville Fire Company in Penn Township. It was our first QRS unit, was first out on MVA's and 2nd due on brush calls. This unit was sold to the Irishtown Fire Company in Adams County. The next picture is the 1971 Chevy tanker purchased from the Pleasant Hall Fire Company in Franklin County. This truck was sold in 2001 to the Triple Creek Ranch in Montana.
The 1962 GMC tanker replaced the 1949 Ford tanker that we had. This unit remained in service until it was replaced by the 1971 Chevy tanker. The 1976 Mack pumper was placed in service in 1977. It remained in service until it was sold in December of 1996.

This ford brush truck was donated to the fire company by Heidelberg Township. The members built the bed and did most of the work themselves. This truck was replaced by a newer brush truck. The 1976 Chevy Step van was used as a service truck.


Coming Soon will be picture of our newest Apparatus a 2001 Ford Brush Truck.         Current Apparatus of the Porters Community Fire Company
Engine 53-1 is a 2000 KME 6 passenger engine purchased from the Hanover Fire Company in 2011. It has a 2000 gpm Hale pump, a 750 gallon tank, 1250 ft of 5 in hose, a 4 gas meter and a thermal imaging camera. Engine 53-2 is a 2000 Freightliner. It has a 1500 gpm Darley pump and 2500 gallon tank, 3 dump shoots (one on each side and one on the rear) that can be operated from inside the cab, 1000 ft of 5 in hose. a 4 gas meter and a thermal imaging camera.
QRS 53 is a 2007 Chevy Suburban. This unit is used on Medical Calls as it is QRS certified. We also allow our members to use it when they are taking trainings. Brush 53 is a 1989 Ford F250. Put together completely by our members it carries indian tanks, chain saws, leaf blower and assorted racks, shovels, and pitch forks. It has a 200 gallon tank, a 18 hp pump and scene lighting.
ATV 53 is a 2012 Polaris Ranger. This ATV has a 3500lb winch and is able to be used for off road rescues, search details, and on any call where we may need to haul equipment and manpower to a scene that we are not able to reach with our other trucks. We also have a 2011 trailer that we can haul the ATV on. We can also use this trailer to haul barricades, pumps and hose.